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Ride Home With Ron St. John on Magic 102.7.  He plays Classic Tracks from the 60s, 70s & 80s plus keeps you up to date on the hottest news, entertainment info & sports stories.
The Drive At 5 is a favorite feature on Magic 102.7.

You've heard us gently tease Ron about his legendary commercial work.  Yes, "but wait, there's more" is his familiar signature.  Ron's done many TV spots, pitching everything from cars to kitchen gadgets. If its $19.95 plus shipping and handling, it's probably Ron.

In 2001, Ron retired as stadium P.A. announcer for the Miami Dolphins.  He called every home game that Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Marino played as a Dolphin.

Ron is also one of the busiest mobile DJ's in south Florida, specializing in "landmark" adult birthday parties, anniversaries & high school reunions. Just e-mail him at rstjohn@wmxj.com for information. Ron's been a resident of Cooper City since 1977 and has hosted many special events in his hometown.

Ron is also Majic's Public Affairs Director & host of "South Florida Majic", heard every Wednesday at 3 a.m. on Magic 102.7. When he finds that spare moment, Ron's out on the water searching for the big one or practicing his guitar, a real work in progress.

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